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Honda ClubThe Honda Owners Club of Sri lanka, for Future Owners and Enthusiasts of Honda Vehicles even though all are welcome. This site was created as a resource for owners and potential owners. We hope you enjoy browsing around and find it of use. The forum is very popular and holds a garage full of information if you are a future or current owner, The News Column brings you the latest exclusive news from Honda. the Events tab holds out all the past events we had including pictures of each event. the happenings column will feature all future events including Sri Lankan Street Racing. Hoping to see you back, cause most probably there's gona be something new each time you drop in. Car of the Month
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Honda Club Karting Championship 2014

Honda Club Karting Championship 2014 was held at speedrome with a number of Drivers racing each other for the Honda Club Trophy. view pictures pictures here


OK guys we know we been awefully silent for a while now but we are back with another sizzling hot event.
Yup.... BEACH PARTY..........!! yeah.. sadly this is gona be a members only event as this will also be a sort of a meeting for our next event, cause we need all our member inputs for this.

Stay Tuned...!!

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2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid hatchback
Honda Civic Type-RThe 2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid hatchback coupe will be a car unlike anything we have seen before. The Honda CRZ coupe is a car that will appeal to young and old drivers given it's cute stylish looks and fuel efficient ways. The 2011 CRZ will be powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine putting out 112 horsepower and 107 lb-ft. or torque. It will feature a CVT automatic gearbox and six-speed manual transmission. The CRZ will use the Honda Insights hybrid power train to keep design costs down. More...

WARNING ! Street Racing is a Dangerous Activity which could harm you as well as innocent by-standers and others on the street. Please refrain from street racing unless it's in a safe controlled environment. Drive Safe, be a designated Driver..!!
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